Wash & Care Instructions

General Purpose Mask


Our general purpose Quartz™ and Feather™ masks are washable. We support up to 10x washes. You can hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water with mild laundry detergent. For Quartz, we recommend washing in a laundry bag to avoid damaging or scratching the mask’s transparent front. After washing, remove the BendShape mask(s) from the laundry bag and air dry the mask until completely dry before reuse. Do not put Quartz masks into the dryer as this could cause damage to the mask or surrounding items.

Feather and Quartz are made with premium materials and manufacturing, so they are built to withstand more than 10x washes. However, washing Feather or Quartz will degrade its filtration. Thus, we limit the number of washes to 10x times. Both Feather and Quartz offer bi-directional filtration greater than 98% BFE and PFE versus a typical cloth mask’s ~50-60% BFE and PFE performance. Please note that the anti-fog layer in the Quartz mask will degrade with washing. Thus, we recommend that you reapply a third-party anti-fog coating layer after each wash. For optimal performance, we recommend single use, but we built a quality mask.


We recommend cleaning the Quartz™ mask’s window with something non-abrasive like a dry microfiber cloth, such as those commonly used with glasses, sunglasses, and goggles, to avoid scratching. Please note that rubbing Quartz’s transparent front may degrade anti-fog performance, so you may need to reapply a third-party anti-fog layer.

Cleaning chemicals and wipes can remove Quartz’s anti-fog layer, and, thus, a new third-party anti-fog solution should be applied after cleaning.

Please email us at support@BendShapeMask.com with any additional questions.

 ASTM3 Mask


Quartz ASTM3 and Feather ASTM3 disposable surgical masks are not washable. These surgical masks are single-use and disposable. We recommend using these surgical masks once, and, then, disposing of Quartz ASTM3 and Feather ASTM3 following the guidelines of your institution, school, or organization.

Please email us at support@BendShapeMask.com with any additional questions.