Clear Mask with Leading Filtration


CURVA™ & ShapeFit™ Comfort

Quartz ASTM3

Quartz ASTM3 is the first clear ASTM Level 3 (ASTM3) mask offering the highest bi-directional filtration & breathability on a clear mask in multiple sizes.

Feather ASTM3

Feather ASTM Level 3 brings superior comfort & seal through innovation with our pioneering CURVA™ flaps & multi-size ShapeFit™ design.

Multiple Sizes

Quartz & Feather masks come in the industry's broadest array of sizes, because a great fit means a great seal.


Our Quartz & Feather masks have become essential tools for essential workers by empowering them with clear communication and patient satisfaction.

For the Sollis Health Emergency Room team, Quartz enables clearer communication and superior patient satisfaction.

For Speech Pathologist Tim Mackesey (CCC-SLP, BCS-F) Quartz has become an essential work tool.


Usage guidelines & best practices for BendShape general purpose & ASTM3 surgical masks.

Wash & Care

Wash instructions for BendShape general purpose products, and how to care for BendShape mask products.