Shaped by Science™


A Mask Shaped by Science

The patent pending BendShape™ masks are general purpose masks. The entire surface of every BendShape Feather™ mask, and the textile portion of the BendShape Quartz™ mask, employ a full-surface filter engineered for:

  • a ShapeFit™ that hugs the contours of your face while you speak, smile, and laugh with little-to-no adjustment;
  • sharing smiles and clearer communication with an antifog transparent front;
  • machine and hand washing; and
  • better breathing and elocution thanks to our light, airy filter and a design that sits off of your face.

The BendShape mask line was developed by our multi-disciplinary engineering team led by 5 Ph.D.s with diverse expertise in textiles, applied materials, mechanical engineering, sensing and design. BendShape Mask is proudly made in the USA.


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Full-Surface Filtering

The entire surface of every BendShape Feather™ mask and the textile portion of the BendShape Quartz™ mask employ an American-made filter with a 95% filtration efficiency (42CFR, Part84) (0.3 microns @10 cm/s) that is light (0.9 osy, 30 gsm), malleable, and breathable. Considering that a gap as small as 0.1mm in a mask’s seal can reduce its filtration efficiency by ~14%, masks with comparable but removable filters that only cover a portion of the wearer’s face are more likely to experience degraded filtration performance [1].

[1] Perić, Robinson & Perić, Milovan. (2020). Analytical and numerical investigation of the airflow in face masks used for protection against COVID-19 virus—implications for mask design and usage.

A ShapeFit You Can See & Feel

A mask’s effective filtration is a function of both materials and fit. BendShape Mask provides a breathable ShapeFit seal that you can see and feel as your mask gently expands and contracts with each breath. ShapeFit seal was engineered to hold during dynamic facial motion. A seal that moves with your face is paramount as a <1mm gap can undermine filtration performance [1]. ShapeFit starts with an enlarged sealed area that extends from the bridge of your nose to your ears and under your chin allowing users more freedom to smile, speak, sing, or shout. Our textile manufacturing process allows us to embed extra, mobile layers of material and functional supports which follow the motion of your chin. Our design process rests on capturing faces in motion and testing our mask’s fit during speech and a range of facial expressions.

Our proprietary facial-scanning-to-technical-embroidery production pipeline enables a rapidly expanding set of standard mask sizes fueled by a growing database of sensed facial variation across the human population.

Today, we offer BendShape masks in 6 sizes: Large, Medium, Small, Extra-Small, Toddler and Kid. BendShape Masks are sized from the tip of the nose to the bottom of the chin:






Extra Small



From Nose Tip to Chin Bottom

(approx. >95mm)

(approx. 90-95mm)

(approx. 80-90mm)

(approx. <80mm)

(approx. 60-80mm)

(approx. <60mm)

Thanks to our flexible textile automation production approach, we can rapidly develop more granular sizing as customer needs are identified.


Be Social & Personal

The general purpose BendShape masks were engineered to allow you to be social and personally expressive. Our masks were built from the ground up with communication in mind. The BendShape masks are designed to sit off of your face and employ high quality filter fabrics that improve your voice’s elocution and resonance. Our masks resist losing fit during dynamic facial motion so you can laugh and chat without having to constantly readjust your mask. BendShape's transparent Quartz™ mask takes our commitment to a truly social general purpose mask even further. Quartz lets you share smiles and allow others to see your lips move while you speak.


Breath Freely

BendShape masks are built to maximize breathability by creating air space between your face and your mask. The masks and employ high quality filters that are surprisingly airy. Combined with our all-day comfortable, soft, and colorful elastic head straps, BendShape masks re a great workout companion that can keep up with you on a run, or a sprint to catch your flight. BendShape masks' fit and comfort make it ideal to wear in public.


USA Proud

BendShape masks are proudly made in the USA using advanced textile automation manufacturing techniques. Our multi-disciplinary engineering team is led by six PhDs that marry diverse skills in textiles, applied materials, human-centered design and biometric sensing.